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Residential Electrical Services – Knoxville & Surrounding Counties

  • Are you looking for a residential electrician in Knoxville or in the surrounding counties?
  • Need help with breaker boxes or meter bases?
  • Interested in surge protection, lighting or even remodeling projects?

No Electrical job is too big or small for a C.N. Copeland Electrical Services.

Contact us today at 865.804.6663 to learn how we can help with your residential electrician needs.

  • Home Safety Checks
  • Common Services Offered
  • Lighting
  • Need a Second Opinion
  • Electrical System

Home Safety Checks

Upon completion of each job, our electrician will perform a Home Safety Check to ensure your home is free of hazards and up to code.

Inspection includes:

  • Your electrician will inspect your breaker box and tighten connections
  • We check your meter base and ensure proper grounding
  • We ensure proper G.F.C.I protection in required areas
  • Your Electrician will visually inspect wiring in your attic
  • Smoke alarms and CO detectors will be tested and batteries replaced if needed at No Charge (ceilings under 12ft)
  • Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures, or anything else your electrician finds that might be harmful to you or your family will be brought to your attention.
  • Switch/Outlet
  • New Device
  • Light Fixture
  • Keyless Light Fixture
  • 1-2 Standard Lamps
  • Fan Light Kit
  • Light Kit Pull Chain
  • Fluorescent Tombstones
  • Coax/Phone Outlet
  • Coax Splitter
  • W/P Fixture Box
  • Bubble Cover
  • Switches/Outlet
  • 600W Dimmer
  • G.F.C.I Outlet
  • Range / Dryer Receptacle
  • Appliance Cord
  • 15-20A S/P Breaker
  • 10-30A Fuse
  • 110V Thermostat
  • 110V Smoke Detectors
  • Ceiling Fan Install
  • Door Bell
  • Small Medallion
  • Small J-Box
  • UL Brace Box
  • Photo Cell Unit
  • Floor Outlet & Cover
  • 120V Stack Switch
  • Door Bell Transformer
  • Fan Speed Control Switch
  • 2ft/4ft T-12 Ballast
  • 35-60A Fuse
  • Puck Light Install
  • Medium Medallion
  • 60A Disconnect
  • 70-100A Fuse
  • 70-90A DP Breaker
  • 15-30A SP Breaker
  • Direct Burial Splice Kit
  • Cable/Phone Jack
  • Door Bell Chime Kit
  • Install Ground Rod
  • Home Inspection up to 3,000 sq ft
  • 50A Breaker Enclosure
  • Roof Ventilator Fan Motor
  • Energy & Safety Inspection (3,000-6,000ft)
  • AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!


Let a C.N. Copeland Electrician handle any of your lighting needs.

  • Track Lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Can lights
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Floods- security around your home
  • Attic lighting
  • Chandeliers

Need a Second Opinion?

At C. N. Copeland Electrical Service, we understand that spending thousands of dollars can be unexpected. We recommend getting a second opinion for any large job. Even third opinion is a good idea. Upgrading or adding to your existing electrical system is a major decision. We offer free estimates for all jobs over $1000. Here are some things to look for when comparing estimates.

  • Are all estimates for the exact same work. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Check warranty information. How long a company stands behind their work is often a good for decision making.
  • Are all estimates relatively close in price? There is an industry average for electrical work. Bids that appear to be too high should really be examined closely.

There are many companies working illegally without insurance, licenses, or a Master Electrician who charge extremely cheap prices. There are also companies who charge 3x the average cost of work and hope you pay because you don’t know any better. If you have a question or just want to know if your estimate is in the right price range, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Want that free second opinion now? Give a call.

Electrical System


We specialize in Electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues. If you feel that your electrical system needs to be inspected by one of our licensed electricians, please contact us today by calling 865.804.6333.


  • Have you heard of a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel?
  • Has someone told you “Your breaker box is dangerous”?
  • Did you know that these “Stab-Lock” breakers can fail to “trip”?
  • Federal Pacific and Zinsco breaker boxes are no longer UL listed and should be replaced

*C.N. Copeland Electrical Services is not implying that if you own “Stab Lock” designed breakers your home will burn. It is however, safe to say that if you do in fact own this type of breaker, have a short circuit, and it fails to “trip”, the potential for a fire is great.

Here are a few facts from the U.S. Fire Administration regarding house fires.

During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses. Home electrical wiring causes twice as many fires as electrical appliances.

The Facts

December is the most dangerous month for electrical fires. Fire deaths are highest in winter months which call for more indoor activities and increase in lighting, heating, and appliance use. Most electrical wiring fires start in the bedroom.

The Cause

Electrical Wiring

  • Most electrical fires result from problems with “fixed wiring” such as faulty electrical outlets and old wiring. Problems with cords and plugs, such as extension and appliance cords, also cause many home electrical fires. In urban areas, faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires. Many avoidable electrical fires can be traced to misuse of electric cords, such as overloading circuits, poor maintenance and running the cords under rugs or in high traffic areas.

Home Appliances

  • The home appliances most often involved in electrical fires are electric stoves and ovens, dryers, central heating units, televisions, radios and record players.

Safety Precautions

  • Routinely check your electrical appliances and wiring.
  • Frayed wires can cause fires. Replace all worn, old or damaged appliance cords immediately.
  • Use electrical extension cords wisely and don’t overload them.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from wet floors and counters; pay special care to electrical appliances in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Whey buying electrical appliances look for products evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Don’t allow children to play with or around electrical appliances like space heaters, irons and hair dryers.
  • Keep clothes, curtains and other potentially combustible items at least three feet from all heaters.
  • If an appliance has a three-prong plug, use it only in a three-slot outlet. Never force it to fit into a two-slot outlet or extension cord.
  • Never overload extension cords or wall sockets. Immediately shut off, then professionally replace, light switches that are hot to the touch and lights that flicker. Use safety closures to “child-proof” electrical outlets.
  • Check your electrical tools regularly for signs of wear. If the cords are frayed or cracked, replace them. Replace any tool if it causes even small electrical shocks, overheats, shorts out or gives off smoke or sparks.

Based in Knoxville, Tennesse, C.N. Copeland Electrical Services is your #1 source if you are looking for electricians in Knoxville, electricians in Farragut,electricians in Seymouror an electrician anywhere in the surrounding counties . Contact us today at 865.804.6663 to learn how we can help with yourresidential electrician needs.We Provide Residential Repairs in the Following Areas

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